(by Sally Chesher)

Tony was my brother. He was only 15 months older than me. He was warm, funny, so funny he could make me laugh more than anyone. He was sweet and thoughtful, sensitive and perceptive. He had a big heart. He was scruffy, smelly, messy, had the world's most impressive collection of odd socks, and mad boofy hair that had a style of its own. He was a true dag, a sweet soul.

Tones did things by instinct, by feel. He rejected formal training of most kinds and preferred to feel out his own talent for things in his own way. He did this with everything: with learning the drums, teaching himself the guitar, taking up the piano many years after childhood lessons, he could never read music yet he wrote and performed beautiful, moving songs.

He was a smart guy, very in touch with the silly side of life, the absurd. He brought a childlike sweetness and cheekiness to our world. He was also a true charmer. He got away with things, we let him get away with a lot..
No one will ever replace you, Tones. A natural clown, a thoughtful, angry, pinky commie leftie muso poet who wanted to change the world, a flirt who loved women, a gifted and talented musician, singer & songwriter, a wonderful brother and friend. I'm proud of you and proud to have known you so well, for too short a time.
I love you Tones and I'm gonna miss you. Oh Tones, I will miss our special love, our friendship, our silly language and communication, our understanding.

What I'd like to remember, amongst other things, is his humour as this is something I think he's left us all with and something well worth remembering, repeating and celebrating. I'll relate this story to illustrate.
On Monday, Mum, Dad, Chris & I went to the funeral parlour to make arrangements for today. When we got into the car, it felt strange knowing that Tony wasn't there, sitting in the middle so he wouldn’t get carsick, teasing Chris & making me giggle. But in some ways, I felt like he was there as a few things happened that served as a reminder to Tony & how he would have liked us to react.

So, we got into the car and I thought I could smell dog poo. Sure enough, I'd trodden on a big dog turd and it stank! I had to scrape it off with a handful of tissues when we got to the funeral parlour. Of course this made us all laugh and so we walked into the parlour laughing. We had to wait a minute or 2 and Chris was saying something but he was pacing back & forth & he kept accidentally passing the infra-red sensor on the door which went "beeeep", so he was talking and "beeeeep" and then "beeeep" until I would flick my hand back and forth just to annoy "bee…beee…beeep"! cause that's what Tony would have done. On our way out, Chris tripped on a bin, long limbs everywhere, he almost did a spectacular stack. Then getting into the car, I accidentally elbowed Dad in the belly so we all left laughing.

And that's what I like to think Tony has done for us. He's left us laughing.