Proceedings: Celebrant Chorel Maree Terelinck
May 29, 2003


Music to enter the Chapel played live by Krisha
Introduction by Celebrant, Chorel Maree Terelinck.
We are here today to celebrate the life of a very special person, Anthony Bradford Chesher, Tony.
Our being here today is a celebration of love and friendship for Tony, his family and friends. On behalf of Tony’s family, I, Chorel Maree Terelinck, Civil Celebrant, have the privilege of welcoming and thanking you for coming to this ceremony today.
Death in a number of ways unites us all. Tony’s death, for a time demands that each one of us puts aside our toil, our cares, our business and our pleasure, to unite with everyone here – who share in the common bond of love for Tony.
To lose someone from our lives so abruptly causes us shock and deep anguish. And when that someone is young and vital, our grief becomes intense and moves us beyond the mere expression of words.
The memory of Tony will bring joy to our hearts and strengthen and comfort us. We shall remember him always as a living vital presence.
I think we can take comfort too, from the reflection that nothing can now detract from the love and closeness that you shared with Tony. Nothing can possibly affect the happiness and shared life that you had with him.
What has been, has been, forever. The past with all its meaning and beauty is sacred and secure. Our love for Tony and his love for us cannot ever be altered by time or circumstance.

Eulogy Outline
Young Life

Tony was born on 8th October 1968 at the Royal Women’s Hospital in Paddington to Greg and Terry Chesher. He was the second child of three, his siblings being Chris and Sally.
The family home is in Paddington and this is where Tony grew up.
His extended family includes six first cousins and several generations of cousins, uncles and aunts.
At Peter Pan Kindergarten and at Glenmore Road Public School, he made many friends, some of who are here today. He went on to Sydney Grammar Preparatory School, and high school at Cranbrook.
He spent his first twelve months work at Cooper and Lybrands.
But Tony’s real passion was for music and sound. He played the drums, took up singing, learned the guitar and keyboards. He started the band ‘Ice Nine’ with others who are here today, and performed many gigs together. He wrote many of their songs. Today we will be hearing some of his music.
He also worked as a sound designer on over twenty short films, several of which won awards. He recorded location sound, did sound post production, and composed and performed original music.
Tony had a special rapport with children. He worked in child care at DBOOSH at Double Bay Primary School, at Holdsworth Street and Lady Gowrie childcare centres. He combined this with his musical talent by composing with the children songs such as ‘making a mess’ and ‘I wanna buy an ice cream’.
But now it is over to his family and friends who will tell you more.

*****Eulogies by Family members and Friends

Chris Chesher
Danielle Muscat
Sam Petty
Sally Chesher
………………………………… .


We are now going to take a few moments to be silent and reflect on the meaning that Tony’s life has had for each of us.
At this time, if you have tokens you wish to place on Tony’s coffin would you please come forward and do so.
Music for Reflection …………….
Horse’ by Tony Chesher
One time in a lifetime’ by Tony Chesher
Tony died on Sunday, 25th May 2003 at 2.30pm in St Vincent’s Hospital.
He was only 34.
He leaves behind his parents: Greg and Terry.
Brother Chris, sister Sally, sister-in-law Cathy.
A large family and lots and Lots and LOTS of friends.
To all of you, deepest sympathy is extended and your grief shared.
Let us remember the significant moments and the fun times we had with him.
To celebrate Tony’s life, his family have asked me to invite you to their home at 30 Goodhope Street, Paddington after the service.
Tenderly and reverently we bid farewell to Tony we cherish his memory, we cherish his friendship and we cherish the love he brought to us all.
Tony we leave you in love and peace. Farewell.

While everyone is leaving, we’ll play some more of Tony’s music. And so that Tony has the last word, here are two lines of song lyrics that the family found scribbled on the back of a piece of paper:

Sittin alone with you inside my head
I’d rather sit with you and share our minds instead

(‘Crusty Song’)


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